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Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunities

TRC is seeking research assistants who are interested in gaining research experience in the health sciences, behavioral sciences and public health. This is a unique opportunity for students to join a multidisciplinary team of faculty and researchers and assist in the development of health-related research and community-engaged research projects. 

Undergraduate Research Assitants (UG RAs) will assist with data collection of library research, surveys, structured interviews and focus groups. UG RAs responsibilities include but are not limited to: language translations, survey measure piloting, survey measure preparation (e.g. Qualtrics). RA's will engage with populations through participant recruitment and data collection at campus and community events. UG RA's will assist with data entry, interview and focus group transcribing and data analysis. UG RA's will participate in group presentations of findings at community organizations and/or events. 


UG RAs Research Training 

Research assistants recieve extensive research methods training through the Translational Research Center's certification course. RA's receive didactic (e.g. asynchronous online modules, and synchronous interactive online and in-person) research methods training to compliment their academic preparation for their role as research assitants. Upon the TRC certification course, RA's begin lab tasks to further enhance their research skills. Our TRC UG RA program aims to provide RA's with skills and abilities to become competitive professionals and graduate students. 


RA's Publication Opportunities

There are various opportunities for UG RAs to publish and present research. Below are a few examples of opportunities to submit UG RA work: 



To be considered for the position, interested individuals should complete the following application here.

2021-22 application deadline is September 6, 2021 at 11:59 pm. 

If you have any questions about TRC UG Research Assistant positions please contact Marisela Yepez.

    Contact Us: 

    Marisela Yepez

    Research Project Manager