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Promotores de Salud



Promotores(as) de Salud (Community Health Workers) are community members who work with hard-to-reach, vulnerable, low-income, underserved communities. They help support health education, health prevention initiatives, and research projects. Promotores(as) are trusted members of their local community which enable them to serve as cultural brokers between health professionals, social service professionals, and researchers. Promotores(as) share similar values, culture, language and life experiences as those of the communities with whom they work.


Our partners Promotores(as) de Salud at Camarena Health, a regional health provider in Madera, CA, represent Camarena at local community events to educate and connect residents to health resources. The Promotores(as) are research partners and advisory members of the Translational Research Center. Our community-driven research partnership/framework engages Promotores(as) to guide the development, implementation, and translation of community engagement and health research activities for TRC. In addition, the Promotores(es) researchers assist with the development and adaptation of culturally sensitive research materials. Promotores(as) lead TRC community-based research projects in the San Joaquin Valley.